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Offering a wide array of options in Hormone Replacement Therapy, the qualified physicians at Health and Wellness Clinic USA are able to diagnose and treat menopause, andropause, low testosterone, thyroid conditions, nutritional deficiencies and other conditions that occur as a result of hormonal imbalances.

We are also proud of our weight loss program, which is designed to be effective when it comes to helping you reach a weight goal that is good for your overall health. At the same time, we don't just take care of helping you shed off excess pounds right now; Instead, we help put you on a track towards maintaining your ideal weight so that you can live healthier and happier.

Health and Wellness Clinic USA is headquartered in Coral Gables, FL and offers phone consultations with Dr. Shabanah for clients who do not live within close proximity to our offices. Serving patients in many areas in Florida, particularly in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, we offer treatments, such as, testosterone therapy and weight loss treatment programs to make you feel good inside and out. Contact us for a consultation today.

Testosterone Deficiency: A Real Problem for Men

Testosterone deficiency is a problem experienced by a significant number of men today. In fact, one study released in 2007 revealed that at least one in four men aged over 30 tend to suffer from low testosterone levels. However, only one out of 20 experience clinical symptoms that are linked to testosterone deficiency.

Having low testosterone levels affects not only your sex drive, but other important aspects of your life. For instance, you can begin to lose confidence in yourself, which can manifest in the way you approach both your work and your social life. Meanwhile, physically, testosterone deficiency may put your body in the worst condition possible as it can lead you to suffer from osteoporosis and even a mild case of anemia. This is exactly why you should seek help if you believe that you are suffering from low testosterone levels.

Treat Your Testosterone Deficiency Today

With assistance from Health and Wellness Clinic USA, you will able to care for your testosterone deficiency with treatments customized to your needs. Our programs include testosterone therapy and a weight loss program to help you shed off the weight that you gained due to your testosterone deficiency. These two programs work together in order to make sure that you are on the right track to becoming healthier, happier and more confident.

What Others Are Saying

See what our past clients are saying about Dr. Shabanah!
  • Ideal wt is 200, was on testosterone & growth hormone since October of 2010. For a complicated personal situation, he has been off Hormone Replacement Therapy for 9 months. When I saw him for annual checkup about 2 weeks ago, he said ‘’ within 6 weeks of being off Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), sex drive fell to zero and the wife is complaining, my weight began to go back up, mental acuity diminished, memory deteriorating, feeling sluggish , energy going down,and sense of well being diminished.
    D.H. – 48 years old, Weight: 224, Height: 5′-10″
  • For about 3-4 years, I have been noticing gradual increase in my weight (mainly belly fat), poor sleep, focus and concentration nonexistent, lack of energy, can’t get going in the morning, depression, at work when asked to solve problems I get very stressed, memory bad, sex function deteriorating. After few months of taking testosterone and growth hormone, now I enjoy solving problems at my job, sex improving, belly fat beginning to melt away, more energy, better response to exercise.
    J.S. – 47 years old, Weight 193, Height 5′-10″
  • I feel like I’m 25, again, instead of feeling like I’m 85. I actually feel younger! After 2 months of Hormone Replacement Therapy (testosterone and growth hormone), I feel much better, lost 15 pounds, and have much more energy. I own my business and work long hours but feel less stressed now, feel more in control. Memory, mood, motivation, and mental sharpness are improving. After paying attention to healthy eating, making time for exercising, and taking the hormones for 2 months, my cholesterol numbers are making big improvement. Total Cholesterol 279 went to 217 Triglyceride from 227 to 85 Bad Cholesterol went from 188 to 158 Now, I see evidence confirming what Dr. Shabanah told me 2 months ago at the time of my consultation that how you reverse all health issues and stay young and healthy and maintain high quality of life is through healthy eating,exercise, and correcting hormone deficiencies.
    J.O. – 36 years old, Weight: 330lbs, Height: 6′-1″
  • The biggest thing in my life for the past 12 years has been my depression and and the psychiatrists have tried many anti-depressants. Then after I researched what else I can do and , I went to see Dr. Shabanah. My diagnosis is hypogonadism and he explained to me that testosterone is what I needed. Not only did it clear my depression but it also cleared most of my other complaints (low libido, energy, short term memory and mood). It reduced my anxiety and I am more confident.
    C.R. – 43 years old male, Weight 215, Height 5′-7″
  • I am happily married, have a child. My problem was low energy, poor libido, gaining weight and belly fat as well as poor sleep. I always eat healthy and do some execise but it was not until I treated my hormone deficiencies that I began to feel alive again. I have more energy,my weight is going down, my libido is much improved and I am very happy.
    J.J. – 37 years old female, Weight 120, Height 5′-4″
  • I have been on growth hormone and 3 sex hormone creams and recently, Dr. Shabanah recommended adding oxytocin pill. Within a few weeks, the hot flashes and night sweats subsided,and within a few months, I am happy, no longer anxious or depressed, vaginal dryness gone, libido improved especially after adding oxytocin to the regimen. My weight and my belly fat are going down. In short, my quality of life is much better. My husband who is 65 years old is also on hormones and recently, his cardiologist said that his heart is doing much better.
    K.B. – 62 years old female, Weight 170, Height 5′-7″
  • About a year ago, I was overweight, had low energy, needed better muscle tone, needed to do something to to prevent aging of my face, I was more forgetful, my focus was not good, I became more anxious, hard to relax, feel exhausted, poor sleep, sex drive zero. I saw Dr. Shabanah a year ago, and after a lengthy consultation and extensive blood work, he determined that I needed some hormones (growth hormone, testosterone, progesterone , and oxytocin). From the beginning, Dr. Shabanah told me that it is necessary to call him every few weeks and that it was important that we get blood tests a few times every year. It took a whole year of continuing to make various adjustments in my program focusing on healthy eating, exercise, and adjusting my hormones. I finally have arrived: I am now relaxed, easy going,more contented, happy, lots of energy through out the day, lost a lot of weight,good muscle tone, look good, concentrate better, more sex drive. Also, good work outs and better response.
    M.S. – 31 years old, Weight 145 lbs, Height 5′-5″
  • Three (3) months into my program of healthy eating, exercise, and taking hormones (growth hormone and testosterone), I lost 2% body fat, but my weight is still the same, I went from wearing 34 waist jeans to 32 waist. I started exercising on the elliptical machine at the gym. At first, I could only work out for 30 minutes and burn about 250 calories. Over time, I got up to 1000 calories burned in 1 & 1/2 hrs and now, I am at 1000 calories in 1 hr. It takes only one day to recover from this work out so I am able to exercise 3-4 times a week. I noticed that I do not get cold as easily and I sweat more readily. My strength has improved, I used to be able to do 4-5 pull ups, now I do 10. Not bad as I am still at 205 lbs. I could never maintain any level of consistent work outs until I started on this program. All my adult life, I have always been 68 inches and always wanted to be taller It is amazing that I am now 69 inches.
    R.B. – 56 years old, Weight 205 lbs, Height 5′-8″

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At some point in every person’s life there will be reduction in the level of one or more hormone(s). It could be thyroid hormone, sex hormone(s), or growth hormone. Whenever this occurs, and it can happen at any age, you must correct ALL hormonal deficiencies if you want to achieve wellness.