People are often quite surprised when they learn how many of their body’s systems are
affected by their testosterone level, but the fact of the matter is it’s a very important hormone for
both men and women alike. When people think of testosterone, the concept of libido, or sex
drive, comes to mind first. While a person’s testosterone levels are instrumental in
conducting this phenomenon, the scope of its duties is much broader. One need look no farther
than his basic energy level.

Do you ever feel like you just can’t summon the energy to get up and go for a walk with your spouse anymore? What about your mental acuity? As you plan your day or read the morning’s newspaper are you able to think clearly and broadly, or have you begun to feel a mental sluggishness or reluctance to tackle the task at hand? Some people attribute this languor to their diet or lack of sleep, but it can also be tied to deficient testosterone levels. With low testosterone levels, you’ll likely find that your weight has increased and your muscle tone is lacking.

Human Growth Hormones

The fact of the matter is that as a person approaches middle age, fatigue, illness,
depression, and unhappiness with one’s current physical state can begin to interfere
with the person’s ability to live each day of life to the fullest. People confronted with these
symptoms can fight back, though, with HGH [human growth hormone] Omnitrope injections,
available at the clinic of Dr. Victor Shabanah, in downtown Coral Gables, FL. These injections
are the only method proven to raise the level of growth hormone in the body back to its ideal
level, which in turn will fight symptoms such as those mentioned above and thus yield optimal
performance in everyday activities.

Let a Weight Loss Clinic Help You Find the Way to a Smaller Waist

Every day, we make decisions that affect the way our bodies work. Not sitting right at your desk all day can damage your back and shoulders. Staring at that computer screen for too long might affect your vision or give you headaches. The many decisions that you make about the things you put in your mouth probably show the most noticeable, even tangible effects on your body–effects that you don’t want to show off on the beaches of Miami. Drastic cutbacks might work for a little while, but old habits will most likely creep back in, adding back the pounds you lost. (more…)

Running Up The Stairs Would Have Been Impossible Before Weight Loss

People have different motivations for weight loss. For some, it’s to flaunt a flawless body at the start of swimsuit season. Others just want to fit into that perfect pair of jeans that they haven’t worn in a while. Often overlooked, however, is the fact that a number of people are losing weight to improve their wellbeing. (more…)

Undergoing Testosterone Therapy Can Give Every Man a New Lease on Life

Did you know that low levels of testosterone in your body can cause many health issues and emotional problems? This is because testosterone is an essential hormone that your body needs to maintain good physical and mental health. For most men, hormone levels drop after the age of 30. By 40, testosterone is decreasing at almost 1% every year. By the age of 75, 30% of men suffer from low testosterone and show symptoms of hypogonadism. (more…)

Testosterone Therapy Can Help You Play Championship Tennis Every Day

Gaining weight over the years happens to just about everyone. One can also expect to slow down a little with age, but what if you didn’t have to? What if there was a solution that keeps your body performing at peak capacity well into your golden years? Well, there is. It is called testosterone therapy. (more…)

What is Testosterone?

Testosterone is responsible for normal growth and development of male sex organs and maintenance of secondary sex characteristics (secondary sex characteristics such as beard growth, muscular strength and energy level). The effects of testosterone (or lack there of) are evident in a man’s mood, sexual function, energy level, muscle mass and cognitive function. Testosterone is the primary androgenic hormone, and its production and secretion is the end product of a series of hormonal interactions.

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