What is Low T? Learn All About The Symptoms of Testosterone Deficiency and Hormonal Imbalance

What are the Causes and Symptoms of Testosterone Deficiency in Men and How to Treat Such Hormonal Imbalance

Do more and live more with the specialized assistance of Health and Wellness Clinic USA. Apart from therapy against the symptoms of hormonal imbalance for women, we also offer effective hormone solutions for men with various options on properly addressing different symptoms of hormone deficiency.

Know what are the causes and symptoms of testosterone deficiency in men and how to treat low testosterone. Improve performance, strengthen your body, and maintain full brain function. With our carefully designed process, you can understand hormonal imbalance properly and likewise restore or replace those much needed hormones effectively. Get affordable therapy for low energy, low sex drive, or low libido. When it comes to enjoying life at your finest mental and physical condition, our experts offer the most suitable and healthiest means to start with.**

Our fully advanced health and wellness clinic in Miami offers personalized therapy that directly deals with hormone imbalance and testosterone deficiency in men. These concerns can range from poor memory and low energy to low sex drive (low libido) and erectile dysfunction. If you’re struggling with these or other similar symptoms, our specialists can assess your situation and offer the most appropriate solution. We combine our affordable therapy with essential supplements, healthy nutrition, and regular exercise, ensuring positive results that last.**


Common Symptoms of Low T

  • Low energy
  • Low desire for sex (libido)
  • Reduction or loss of spontaneous morning erections
  • Loss of strength, difficulty making muscle, and reduced muscle tone
  • Increase in body fat

Other Symptoms

Several Brain Dysfunctions

  • Memory (mainly short term memory) is impaired
  • Irritability
  • Loss of motivation or interest in doing things, focus may be a problem
  • Loss of confidence
  • Loss of excitment or zest for life, even depression may happen


What Causes Low T?

  • Natural process of aging
  • Chronic illness
  • Use of certain medications
  • Trauma
  • Other less common conditions

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There are more than 200,000 US cases per year for low testosterone.

It is more commonly seen in men after 40 years old

Why Testosterone Declines

The main reason for decline in the blood level of Testosterone in young men (age 30 and up but rarely in early twenties) is presence of toxins in our system from the environment, foods, water, and etc.

There are some conditions, at any age, that result in low production of Testosterone. Undescended testis at birth if not brought out of abdomen in a timely way, other congenital problems, and mumps can damage the testicles by inflammation (mumps orchitis). Accidents such as motorcycle causing serve hemorrhage, pelvic radiation, use of steroids in the past, etc. All of that can results in low production of Testosterone. However, in my experience of several thousand clients, less than 5% have such history. So in the overwhelming majority there is no obvious cause.